2.4 Source Editor


2.4) Source Editor



The Source Editor provides a way to look at details related to the Audio Source. Wwise provides several methods of generating sound including tone generators and the specialised SoundSeed synthesizers. Clicking the Source Editor when these tools are being used displays the interface for these particular generators. You are not going to use the Source Editor yet, but it is a powerful tool to view information on a sound file and make simple edits to sound files delivered by the Sound Designer.

Pic01 Audio Source Icon

Pic02 Source Editor

  1. Select any Sound SFX Object with an actual sound file associated with it and click the Audio Source icon in the Contents Editor to open a new View. (Pic01 Audio Source Icon)

    In this case, since the Audio Source is a sound file, a Waveform Editor containing the Audio Signal is shown. It lets you adjust where playback starts and ends and even create Fade-ins and Fade-outs. It contains information about the Audio Source, including the filename and duration of the sound file and more.

    An Audio Source is a separate abstraction layer between the actual sound file and the Wwise Object. The Audio Source is created and linked to the original sound file when it is imported into your project.

  2. Try out the blue handles in the corners of the Waveform Editor and play back the sound just to see what they are doing. (Pic02 Source Editor) You can manually adjust the values or type them in numerically on the right. After you’re done, change them back to the original values.