1.1 Overview and Layouts


1.1) Overview and Layouts



You typically begin by creating a new Wwise project. Wwise projects are not a single file, but a folder with a number of subfolders that collectively contain the various resource files needed to carry out the instructions of how you’ve integrated sound into a game.

Pic01 Wwise Launcher

Pic02 Designer Layout

A new Wwise project is usually created via the Wwise Launcher. (Pic01 Wwise Launcher) For this course a Wwise project has already been created and all the implementation in the game’s code has been completed by the tutor. You can open the Wwise project via the Wwise Launcher under the tab Projects.

This is how a project usually looks like in its default Designer Layout. (Pic02 Designer Layout) Depending on your screen size and resolution, it may look slightly different, but across the top you can see a Main Menu Bar, with toolbars below. These are static and will always be visible. Below you can see multiple areas called Views. Each View provides functionality that can be used to visualize and manipulate how sound is integrated into a game. There are around forty different Views available within Wwise. This may seem a bit overwhelming, but it is not imperative that you know what all of these Views do to make Wwise work for you.